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Blocking Overdevelopment

The resort will commit this land to a low-density natural sanctuary, forever removing the threat of rampant, endless, high-density development on this land.

Mitigating Fire Danger

The resort will bring improved firefighting infrastructure, better brush management, and other fire safeguards to our hills.

Wildlife Protection

As more than 75% open space, the resort will be a huge and expansive safety zone for treasured wildlife—in the middle of Los Angeles. The resort will be an enclave where wildlife is embraced and a big part of the resort’s interactive harmony with wildlife and nature.

Community Recreation

The resort will be a place for all of us to enjoy— starting with a brand-new dog park open to Benedict Canyon residents.

Setting a New Standard for Green Building
Setting a New Standard for Green Building

The project will utilize the latest technologies of building materials for enhanced sustainability, carbon sequestering, efficient energy systems and other preservations of the canyon and ridgelines.

Local Staycations

The resort will be the ultimate staycation destination for all of us: a secluded, exclusive zen sanctuary where we can dine and enjoy upscale spa services or spend time with our dog and community in the provided dog park.

Sustainable Planting

All of our plantings will be native and/or drought-resistant species—a natural fit for these hills.

Economic Windfall

Our City will benefit in so many ways: more jobs, more tax revenue (when the City really needs it), and higher property values for all of us.

  • Approximately 75% open space plus 12.5% internal roads
  • Enhancing the hillside via preservation of majority of existing trees and adding over 1,000 new trees, ensuring that those trees are native or drought-tolerant species
  • Commitment to environmental and wildlife stewardship
  • New fire and life safety infrastructure to protect the hillside and surrounding community
  • Building a new dog park for all of us
  • Increased property values for all of us
  • Increased amenities for our neighborhood
  • Environmentally sensitive plan
  • Over $500M investment in the community
  • Improves tax base in the area creates new, good jobs
  • Over $90M in new revenue to the City of L.A. over a period of ten years
Save Our Canyon LA

WE HAVE VERIFIED no chemical fertilizers will be used.

WE HAVE VERIFIED nearly the entire project will be imperceptible from surrounding streets.

WE HAVE VERIFIED all Construction Parking is anticipated to occur onsite.

WE HAVE VERIFIED safer during earthquakes and fires.


Help us support responsible development that improves our neighborhood with new enhanced fire and life safety, a dog park, increased property values, wildlife stewardship, 75% open space, while creating jobs for Angelenos and respecting the environment. Ensure your support is registered here, and the spreading of false information is stopped. Hold election officials accountable. Join hundreds who have already clicked to support above and want to Enhance Our Canyon and the City of Los Angeles.

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