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May 14, 2021 | Download The PDF | Digital Article Online

Nestled amongst the trees in Benedict Canyon lives a new vision for Los Angeles hospitality and real estate: The Retreat. Envisioned as a neighborhood-serving and environmentally sustainable investment by local Angeleno Gary Safady, The Retreat will comprise a luxurious 59-room hotel with eight private homes set against the backdrop of 33 acres of majestic canyon beauty.

With a focus on eco-friendly practices and community sustainability, The Retreat will offer its guests and residents an unparalleled experience of indoor/outdoor living, utilizing a discreet network of tiered structures that seamlessly hug the hills along the canyon’s slopes.

The vision for The Retreat will come to life through South Africa-based SAOTA, an award-winning architecture firm that most recently won International Domus Restoration and Conservation Award in 2020, and ENEA, an award-winning Landscape Architecture firm with headquarters in Switzerland and known for its work on the internationally recognized Tree Museum. The combination of these internationally recognized design firms is set to create one of the most integrated, environmentally sensitive developments that the community and the City of Los Angeles have been presented within a generation.

Committed to environmental stewardship, Safady is dedicated to maintaining the vast majority of the site as open space, an area in size equivalent to more than 18 football fields. The property will also feature a community dog park, and initiatives such as the planting of more than 1,000 native and/or drought-tolerant trees will prioritize ecological preservation. Plans also include much-needed improvements to emergency access and fire safety in the area.

The Proposed 59-Room Retreat

Fulfilling its sustainability mandate with thoughtful environmental design, the project will rely on recycled, natural, and innovative building materials wherever possible, including cross-laminated timber and a wood composite which produce less waste, substantially reduce Bulgari Resort & Estate’s carbon footprint and minimize the construction equipment required for the build.

Entering The Retreat will feel like an escape from the city beginning with the serenity of the property’s tree-lined driveway that carries visitors deep into the mountain, virtually hidden from surrounding streets. Guests and residents of The Retreat will be able to immerse themselves in nature among the property’s myriad of walking and hiking paths.

The majority of the hotel’s 59 guest rooms will be located in secluded, modest bungalows studded across the eastern half of the property, adjacent to the property’s carefully curated amenities, which include two modest restaurants and spa facilities. The Retreat will deliver low-impact, best-in-class environmental preservation practices to protect the community and the environment.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the property, eight hidden private homes will be set on individual lots of up to five acres in size. Benedict Canyon’s unrivaled topography allows for immense open space and privacy, giving each home a distinctive setting while preserving the area’s ridgeline and protecting its flora and fauna.

“It is our vision that our families, our neighbors, our friends and the community are able to gather and enjoy the most of what life has to offer. Our mission is simple yet impactful: the creation of an eco-sanctuary, The Retreat, in Los Angeles for Los Angeles, a bespoke and environmentally focused destination designed to integrate living, rejuvenation and renewal,” said Safady. “I am tremendously proud that The Retreat will have a significant positive impact for the City of Los Angeles with tens of millions of dollars of estimated positive regional economic impact at a time when Los Angeles needs it the most.”

Currently, Bulgari Resort & Estate’s project team is working with the City of Los Angeles’ Planning Department to prepare the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report.

With plans underway, Safady invites the community to take part in the conversation about his project to ensure that residents are well-informed, and he encourages residents and locals to reach out directly by emailing Additional information about The Retreat can be found at: The Retreat LA Canyon

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